Best Gantt Chart Software


Best Gantt Chart Software

The Gantt chart is a term that is very familiar to a worker on the project, especially if you’re a project manager. Gantt Chart is a bar graph chart that shows the amount of work that must be done in a specified time period appropriate yet schedule that has been established at the time of the previous design. In addition, it can be functioned as lay out a timetable of the project, so you can keep your tiling project due date.

Unfortunately, the Gantt chart is a chart which is quite complex. This is because a chart must always be updated when the work has been completed according the due date has been set. Problems arise when the project chart should be updated, because when drawn manually using a hand would be very tiring and certainly no good result. In addition, it requires qualified resources to prevent an error occurred in updating the chart project.

Therefore, in this article “Best Gantt Chart Software” I will discuss some of the best software to chart your project management.

The Best Gantt Chart Software is discussed in this article have been screened according to the criteria that we think is best. That is Gantt Chart software that can handle a variety of jobs directly such as project planning, management of resources, and collaborative work. Hopefully with the filtering you can determine the best Gantt Chart software for your business.

Easy Projects

The Gantt chart software first is Easy projects, are most effective for organizations with tons of external clients. The Gantt chart software offers endless guest accounts, so your customers could follow their projects’ development through to completion. It is available in Spanish, German, Russian, and French.

The best thing about Easy Projects is it is that it’s so easy to use, regardless of your project management expertise and the fact that it’s really easy to use.

Easy Projects enable users to get both public and individual calendars. Gantt charts are created with a simple drag-and-drop method, and project managers (unintended or not) can simply track and adjust responsibilities, times, and dependencies.

Easy Projects are more suitable for small companies, but require large task management characteristics; Substantial companies and businesses can succeed with Easy Projects (like those of Toshiba, Staples, and UPS), but there may be comparable possibilities at a low rate.

Easy Projects Price: Starts at $121 per user/month for website (paid annually and scales down per person with team size); $189 per user/year (offers volume discounts) for instaled version.

Operating System Support: Windows, Online

Company size: All, though better for smaller teams


Celoxis had a portfolio management to project a very good and impressive. Trusted because many large companies became clients, such as HBO, LiveNation, Xerox, and Deloitte. In addition, Celoxis also offers multi language which is quite a lot as the language of the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Spain and China.

Celoxis comes with an impressive breadth of reporting options that draws from Gantt chart info. Although its source allocation and project planning methods would be the best, focus on how their accounts could properly evaluate estimated project expenses (like resource hours, billable hours, as well as productive employment) and the way those projections evaluate to actual use. From there, project administrators could learn how to improve their task management system.

One disadvantage is the fact that Celoxis has hardly any integrations. Guaranteed, it works with Google Apps, Quickbooks, Salesforce, and Microsoft Project, but delivers little beyond that. However, Celoxis has an API, so developers are continually producing their particular plug ins to create Celoxis work best for them.

Celoxis Price: $25 per user/month for website; $450 per user, one time (offers volume discounts) for installing the version.

Operating System support: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Online.

Company size: Large and Enterprise.


Best Gantt Chart Software last decent you know is VisionFlow. VisionFlow is a modular software, consisting of multiple modules and can use it. This certainly makes it easy for either project management or management in IT field, because it can choose modules that best.
Existing modules on VisionFlow that is as follows:
Help Desk Software and Customer Service Software
IT Service software
Customer Software Relationship Management (CRM)
Issue Tracking Software

And modules that become pre-eminent in VisionFlow is Project Management software, Gantt chart functionality that contains, and offer full project management capabilities with easy enough. From the time tracking to reports, resource allocation to project budgeting can be set easily.VisionFlow Price: Very flexible because it’s modular. The project management module costs $5.50 with a base price of $45 per user/month.
Operating System Support: Online, Windows
Company size: All
Company size: Mid-size

Other Best Gantt Chart software that can be an option for your efforts is as follows.


Price: Unpublished price for installed; starts from $19 per user/month for web
Operating System Support: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Online
Company size: Small to Mid-size

Project Insight

Price: Starts at $3,900 per year for installed; starts from $10 per user/month for web
Operating System Support: Windows, Online
Company size: Mid-size


Price: $499 User, one time fee for on-premise license; $24 per user/month for on-premise subscription; starts from $28 per user/month for web
Operating System Support: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Online
Company size: Small to Mid-size



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