Best Screen Sharing Software


Best Screen Sharing Software

Screen sharing is a computer sharing technique with various goals such as teleconferencing or others. Generally computer screen sharing is used to perform technical support for customers, share files and do desktop remote. Below are some popular software list used for screen sharing, we try to collect the best screen sharing software from there.

1. BeamYourScreen

Screen sharing is the first BeamYourScreen, browser-based so you do not have to bother to download and install on the computer. When you register or use BeamYourScreen it will be given a nine-digit session ID, which can be shared with other teleconferencing participants to get connected. This allows for 25 teleconferencing participants, is connected and can share files and allows to grant remote control rights. Documentation can also be done by recording teleconference sessions in the form of video, so that each participant can see the sharing session next time.

2. TeamViewer

The second screen sharing is TeamViewer, free for non-commercial private use. TeamViewer supports various functions such as file sharing, chat, remote control (desktop remote) and whiteboard. To be able to use it you need to download and install on the computer. Once installed, you can send a meeting invitation to other participants by providing your TeamViewer ID and password information.

TeamViewer works on multiple platforms, including Mac, Linux, Android, Windows, iPhone and iPads, supporting more than 30 languages. In addition to screen sharing, you can share video and audio with other participants. You can also choose to display parts of your screen or only certain programs, if you want to avoid sharing your entire desktop.

3. Skype

The third screen sharing is Skype, very familiar and commonly used for interviews by freelancers who are looking for online job. It used to be a subscriber to use screen sharing service, but now it’s been open for free by Skype. You can video chat with family, friends and co-workers, in addition to sharing messages and chats, you have to connect to the internet to use it.

4. SharedView

The fourth screen sharing is SharedView, created by Microsoft and can only be used by Windows operating system users only. Can be used as a medium for sharing the computer screen with maximum 15 people, to use it you need to download and install SharedView, then login with windows live ID.

One thing that distinguishes SharedView with other screen sharing is that it generates an e-mail invitation that can be sent to other participants complete with incoming and timed details. Everyone invited can agree on their own participation or reject it. In addition, they must also download and install SharedView on the computer.

5. Glance

Screen sharing the fifth is the Glance, can be used for 100 people at the same time. But the shortage of software is now you have to pay a price that is quite expensive, that is $499 per year or $49.95 per month, including the most expensive on the list of best screen sharing software on this article.