Enterprise Password Management Dashlan Review



Enterprise Password Management Dashlan

In a company would need a password manager for various accounts used, for example for email accounts, computers, and website accounts. Why is that? Certainly because a company that has many employees who almost all the time must be connected to the Internet to communicate.

Security becomes something that is very vital when someone surfing the internet, especially purpose to do business. Dashlan is here for that purpose, securing all your accounts with a very powerful and easy-to-use protection system.

Dashlan password manager?

Dashlan is a password manager that securely tracks all your passwords. It’s the only way to create unique keywords for all your accounts, remember them, and ask them to type them online. You do not have to worry about the many passwords employed with employees, Dashlan will easily manage them more effectively and efficiently.

Dashlan features

1- Password Manager

Enhanced Manager Password

Dashlan can keep track of all the passwords you use, either frequently used or very rarely used, list them and provide them instantly when you need them and directly type them for you.

Thus, you do not have to worry about losing or forgetting passwords, you also do not need to type the password again when enter kewebsite ever visited. This will make it easier for users and save a lot of your business time.

2- Autofill Form

Dashlan can fill every field on every form, perfectly.
With just a few clicks, Dashlan will fill in all the forms, you just need to take care of them and let them fill automatically: your name, address, email, phone number, any type of payment stored in your Safe Digital Wallet, and more.

Another plus, with the Dashlan autofill feature can be seamlessly generated passwords to create new accounts on any website that is simple, fast, and secure.

3- Digital Wallet

Dashlan secures your digital payment account

Dashlan’s online payment security feature is universally accepted by almost all websites providing online payments.
All your payment types will be stored in Dashlane’s online wallet.
Automatically your transactions will be stored and copy proof of your doing so you do not have to worry if forgot to screenshot proof of online payment.

Credit card, debit card, PayPal and other payment types will be securely stored by Dashlan.

4- Password Generator

Dashlane helps you get the strongest passwords for all your online accounts. You do not need to reuse the same password on any website, because Dashlan can generate strong passwords for all your online accounts. You will never lose your password when storing it safely in the app. You also do not have to retype passwords online. Dashlane does all the typing for you. It can even generate random passwords on web pages, just when you create a new account or reset your password. New passwords are stored in Dashlane automatically, so they can be typed for you later.

Very Easy and very simple. With Dashlane, you do not have to remember passwords anymore. It’s very safe and free to use on the device you use. With Dashlane Premium, you can get Dashlane on unlimited devices to use password generators anywhere.

5- Password Changed

Password Changer is a free feature available in Dashlane. This feature allows Dashlan to replace old passwords with new and powerful passwords, then securing the new password in Dashlane, is well saved and can be retype automatically for you.

6- Security Alerts

Instant Security Alerts plus instant fix
You can combine Dashlane Security Alerts with Password Changer to fix hacked-out keywords, and immediately stop them on those tracks.



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