Open Source Network Mapping Software


Open Source Network Mapping Software


Open Source Network Mapping Software. Within the property globe, the rule is a good location. Within network and server administration world, the rule is visibility. You are flying blind if you have no idea what your community and machines are performing at every minute of your day. In the course of time, you are likely to talk with tragedy.

Luckily, both industrial and open-source, several great resources, can be found to shine much-required light in your environment. Since free and great usually defeat great and expensive, I Have gathered a summary of my personal favorite open-source resources that show their value evening in and day trip in systems of any size. From host and community checking to trending, graphing, and actually change and modem configuration copies, these resources might find through you.


Nagios is a very mature network device because it has been active and developed over the years. Written using C language, almost everything required by a network administrator and the system on Nagios. Web-based GUI is very fast and intuitive, and has a very strong back end.

In addition, Nagios has a very active community supporting its development, and has plug-ins for large amounts of hardware and software. You can keep the server, service, network, and what’s IP-related status.

Server monitoring and network is actually incomplete without notices. Nagios includes an escalation format that may be used to create smart choices about who and a complete e-mail/SMS notification motor and when to inform, if applied properly, which could save lots of rest. Additionally, I’ve integral Nagios notices with Jabber, therefore the instant an exclusion is tossed, I get an IM from Nagios describing the issue in addition to mail or an SMS, with respect to the escalation options for that item. The Net GUI may be used to rapidly hold notices once they happen or recognize issues, and it may actually report records inserted by admins.

As though it was not enough, a mapping function shows all of the products that are checked in a reasonable manifestation of the location with color-coding, about the community to show issues because they happen.

The disadvantage to Nagios will be the setup. Although individuals who are confident with regular Linux/Unix config files may experience right in the home the config is better accomplished via command-line and may provide a substantial learning curve for newcomers. Just like several resources, Nagios’ abilities are enormous, however the work to make the most of several of those abilities is equally important.

The advantages of the first-warning programs supplied with this device for a wide variety of facets of the community CAn’t be overstated. It is simply worth work and effort.


Icinga began like a hand of Nagios, but has been rewritten as Icinga 2. Both types are under accessible today and active growth, and Icinga 1.x are backward compatible with Nagios plugins and designs. Icinga 2 has been created to become smaller and slimmer, and it provides distributed tracking and multithreading frameworks that aren’t contained in Nagios or Icinga 1. You are able to move from Nagios to Icinga 2 and from Icinga 1 to Icinga INCH.

Like Nagios, Icinga may be used to check something that talks IP, as deeply while you may opt for custom and SNMP plug-ins add-ons and.

There are a lot of Web UIs for Icinga, and won the main differentiator of Nagios possible setup, which can be completed via the Web UI instead of through a configuration file. For individuals who would rather deal with their designs outside the command line, this can be a substantial advantage.

Icinga combine with a tracking number and graph offering e.g. PNP4Nagios, inGraph and graphite, offer strong performance visualization. In addition Icinga has also extended the reporting capabilities for the better.

So the discussion about Open Source Network Mapping Software, hopefully can be a consideration for you in choosing software that fits the needs of your business.

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